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Do I need to eat before taking it?

OKAMI ingredients are all natural, so there are no specific dietary requirements.
We recommend taking two capsules before going to bed,

so that the body can absorb more nutrients at the same time.

How long does it take to take effect?

The ingredients in OKAMI are all natural and it doesn't contain drugs, so there will be no immediate effect.
It is recommended to take it for 3 consecutive months to supplement the lack of daily dietary intake.

What if I forget to take it?

OKAMI is a nutritional supplement, and the effect will be better if you continue to take it.

It is recommended not to stop using it for more than a week.

Taking it for 3 consecutive months can achieve the best effect.

​Can it be taken at any time?

OKAMI can be taken at any time.

We recommend taking it every night before going to bed,

because the growth is carried out during sleep,

with OKAMI, the growth can be maximized.

Will there be side effects (adverse reactions) if I take it continuously?

The ingredients of OKAMI are all natural and no medicinal ingredients are added.

It is absolutely safe and healthy under the recommended dosage, without any adverse reactions/side effects, and can be taken for a long time with peace of mind.


OKAMI is good for bone and brain development.

It has been proven that it can be taken for a long time to supplement the insufficient daily dietary intake.

Who is suitable for take?

OKAMI is specially designed for 6-22 years old of children and teenagers.

From the age of 6 to the developmental period, parents can start with their children's daily diet, do more exercise and get enough sleep.

If parents want their children to grow better, taking OKAMI together can help promote bone growth and strengthen bone quality.

At the same time, it can supplement the nutrients needed for brain development, so that they can complement each other during the development period.

Can 18 years old or above take it?

OKAMI is used for promotes height.

Even people who are over 22 years old can still take it to seize the second chance for perfect growth.

It has been confirmed by medicine that the growth period is generally completed before the age of 25.

Some people's growth plates are not completely closed after adulthood.

There is still can growth of 4-5 cm at the age of 22-25, but the growth rate is relatively slow, so the growth effect takes a long time .

Something need to pay attention?

OKAMI has the opportunity to increase children's appetite to supplement the proportion of nutrients needed for body growth.

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