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Research has shown that even if children are inherently short in stature, the nutritional absorption before the age of 10 is the golden growth period that has the most significant impact on subsequent height development, affecting 50-70% of height potential.

Therefore, OKAMI hopes that parents can prioritize the golden growth period and has developed a delicious "height-boosting snack" specifically for individuals aged 3 and above who have difficulty swallowing pills. It is infused with a unique 【L-Vita】 technology that combines 12 growth amino acids, essential DHA for brain function, along with a-GPC, calcium lactate, and vitamin D3, providing the most comprehensive nutrition for the golden growth period.


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  • OKAMI Jelly, with a refreshing and sweet white peach flavor, is sugar-free and additive-free, made from all-natural ingredients. Suitable for children aged 3 and above, it is a snack that can help promote height growth.

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Okami Bone Development Jelly

Snacks that help children grow taller with essential ingredients for growth!

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