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—Pngtree—molecular medical safety blue b


Artist Issac Ng, who is also a father,
pays great attention to children's height and brain development.

In order to grasp the golden development period of children,
​Choose the OKAMI Height Growth Supplement,
Inject 12 growth amino acid combinations with unique
【L-Vita】 technology,

DHA essential for the brain, combined with α-GPC, calcium lactate and vitamin D3,
Help children develop and grow in an all-round way, and
become "above others" from now on!

—Pngtree—molecular medical safety blue b

Maximize the rate of height growth.

—Pngtree—molecular medical safety blue b

​Mama's Sharing

Melissa is already 11 years old and has unconsciously entered puberty. 
One day, she told me after school that she feels very short, always stand at front in her class.  In order to help Melissa's younger sister develop better and grow taller, I recently bought her some Okami to try. She relly become taller about 3cm.


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“ Kids always stand at front, after trying OKAMI... ”


“ What should I do if my daughter is picky with food and shorter than children of the same age?" ”

Kylie is shorter than children of the same age. Although she eats a lot at every meal, she may not be able to absorb nutrients and grow taller very slowly.

Recently, I started to give her #Okami, because one grain contains 5 key nutrients that promote growth: …

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Watching my daughter @kiukiu_kaylie grow every day is amazing.
Stepping into the growth and development stage, start to worry that your children will be shorter than those of the same age? In addition, he is not willing to eat much. it will affect its growth and development. As a mother, I don't have to worry...


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"My daughter is shorter than others of the same age"


"I always worry about my daughter will not be tall because of heredity!"

My husband and I are not tall, so we are worry that ⭐️🌙 is not tall enough.

My friend introduced me to give ⭐️🌙 to try #OKAMI @okami_hk,
Help ⭐️🌙 supplement key nutrients, so that she can focus on absorbing and become taller easily.


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My daughter is 11 years old now💁‍♀️, at the age of just beginning to develop, with a partial eclipse and a small amount of food, her height is still in the short range.

Although it doesn't matter if a girl is shorter, there is always an advantage in being taller!

In addition to doing exercise and a nutritious diet, safe supplements can help...

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"My daughter needs to grasp the growth before puberty!"

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